Exploring Your Option…keys

Many Mac applications and system controls have hidden configuration choices and information tucked away out of sight. But they can be accessed via your keyboard’s Option key. Over the next few blog entries, we’re going to explore some of those hidden nuggets of useful features and information.

A few versions of OSX ago, Apple took away the Save As choice on its applications and replaced it with the option to Duplicate the current document. Well, the Save As option is still there, just hidden. Here’s how uncover it:

1. Open an application like Pages along with one of your documents. (Or create a new one for the sake of testing.)

2. Single click on the File menu option to open the File menu. Note that just below the Save option is the Duplicate option.

3. With the File menu still open, depress and hold the Option key. (You could also open the menu by holding down the Option key when clicking on the File menu. Note that the Duplicate option changes to Save As.

That’s it! You’ve got the Save As option back!!

Duplicate     Save As


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