A Quicker Way to Post to facebook or Twitter

iOS 6 offers a faster way to tweet or post a facebook status update without the need to bring up the respective applications. This can save time. I’ve also found that posting this way seems to take less “cellular resources” when I’ve got a questionable connection. When I’m in Yosemite competing for an over subscribed data connection, I’ve found my status updates are more likely to get through. 

Bring up Notification screen by swiping from the top down on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. At the top of the screen, you’ll see Tap to Tweet and Tap to Post. (If you don’t, I’ll explain why below and how to .)

Tap to Post


At the top of the screen are two buttons for posting to Twitter and facebook. 

Posting from Notification Screen


If you don’t see either of these posting options, it’s likely because you haven’t signed into these accounts via iOS 6. To sign in, go to Settings > Facebook and/or Settings > Twitter and log into your accounts.


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