Who’s On Your VIP Mail List?

With the release of iOS 6 and Mountain Lion, Apple introduced a new email status called VIP. This is a built-in “smart folder”, a concept that has been a part of OS X for a long time.

When designated a VIP, email from this person will automatically appear in an email folder called…drum roll please…VIP.


 (To find this screen: From within Mail, select the Mailboxes icon in the upper left hand corner.)

Finding all Mailboxes

Next, select VIP and you’ll see the list of folks on your list:

VIP list

 Adding people to your VIP list is simple. Select Add VIP… and you’ll be taken to your contacts list. From there, pick the folks that are near and dear to your heart.

And while you’re here, you can set a unique alert tone which will be used when you get mail from your VIP buddies. Select VIP alerts and it will take you to the screen where you can set a variety of things. (See my previous blog entry for detailed info.)


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