iPad/iPhone Keyboard Tricks #2

Continuing from a previous post, here are a few more hidden keyboard tricks for the iPad and the iPhone:

1. If while typing you need to insert a number or symbol found on the numeric side of the keyboard, tap and hold the “number” key in the lower left hand corner of the keyboard and without lifting your finger, drag to the number/symbol you need then let go. The number/symbol will be added and you’ll return automatically to the alpha side of the keyboard. 

2. On the iPad, there’s an option to “split” the keyboard. Simultaneously press both thumbs on the keyboard and swipe in opposite directions. They keyboard will split in two. This will allow you to hold the iPad with both hands and simultaneously type using only your thumbs.

Keyboard Trick 2


You can also get the keyboard to split by pressing and holding the keyboard symbol key found in the lower right hand corner. To put the keyboard back together, simultaneously swipe each piece of the keyboard with both thumbs towards the middle of the screen.

Another option is to undock the keyboard. This will cause the keyboard to float in the middle of the screen.

Keyboard Trick 3


If you don’t like the position of the undocked keyboard, you can move it up or down to your liking. Simply tap and hold just to the left of the five ribbed lines on the keyboard symbol key.

Keyboard Trick 4

You can adjust the location of the undocked keyboard, up or down, by sliding your finger up and down the iPad screen. Grabbing the ribbed lines takes a little practice. You have to tap on the very edge or you’ll the popup options instead.


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