iPad/iPhone Keyboard Tricks #1

There are a variety of hidden keyboard tricks on the iPad that you might find handy:

1. If you double tap the Space Bar at the end of a sentence, the keyboard will insert a period and a space and leave you ready to begin the next sentence. This is one of Apple’s oldest keyboard tricks.

2. Looking for special characters like the squiggle thing over a spanish ñ or the cents ¢ symbol? These and a lot of other things are right at your finger tips.

Keyboard Trick 1

If you press and hold any of the vowels and some of the consent keys, other options for those letters will appear. If you press and hold on the “.com” key, which appears when you’re entering a URL in Safari of an address in Mail, you can select one of the other domain options like .EDU or .NET. And if you press and hold the dollar sign, you’ll get a variety of other currency options and the cents sign.

And in some cases on the iPad, if you simultaneously press and swipe upwards, you’ll get one of the hidden symbols automatically. For example, press and swipe upwards on the question mark and you’ll get the upside down (¿) question mark.

In some instances, things might not work as expected. Let’s use the question mark as an example. When the keyboard is in alpha mode (displaying only letters and the basic punctuation marks), pressing and holding the question mark key (which it shares with the period), you won’t get the upside down question mark, you’ll get the quotation mark. If you press the “number” key in the lower left hand corner to switch to the numeric keyboard, pressing and holding that question mark will give you the upside version of the question mark.

Play around with the letters, numbers and symbols to discover the many options hidden in the keyboard.


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