Remind Me When I Leave…

Location-based Reminders:

The iOS 5 Reminders application can remind you to do something based on your arrival or departure of a location. For example, maybe you want to be reminded to buy milk when you leave work. Or reminded to take out the recycle when you get home.

1. Create a reminder.

2. Select the reminder, then the “Remind Me” button and turn on the “At a Location” option.

Reminder 1  Reminder 3   Reminder 2

3. If you want to use the current location, you’re good to go. If you tap on the “Current Location” button, you can select your Home or any other address in your address book.

Reminder 4

4. Finally, decide if you want to be reminded when you leave or arrive your chosen location. When finished, press the Done button till you’re back to the main Reminder screen.


2 thoughts on “Remind Me When I Leave…

  1. A big THANK YOU to my good friend Bob from England for pointing out I mistakenly indicated this worked on the iPad version of the Reminders app. I should have caught that. On a positive note, I’m glad to know people are reading my blog!!

  2. I just found your blog today, Bob — Nice job! Was about to leave the same comment about how I wish the location-triggered feature for Reminders worked on iPad… Love it on my iPhone, though. Cheers!

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