Instant Local Weather Info!

Local Weather Information:

The iPhone Weather app comes with a few new features in iOS5 that makes getting updated weather information even easier. Launch the Weather app and follow along.

– The default view is a summary view of the weather for the next six days. Swipe downward and you’ll get a scrollable hour by hour forecast. When you reach the bottom, the next upward scroll will return you to the day by day forecast.

Weather 1     Weather 2

– By pressing the app’s “i” button on the lower right hand corner, you can turn on the “Local Weather” option. Used in conjunction with Location Services, you don’t have to program the application to display the local weather. (Location Services must be enabled within the Settings App.)

Weather 3

If the Local Weather doesn’t appear, try swiping to the left or right. This will cycle you through the cities you’ve programed plus the local weather.

Now that you’ve got location-based weather configured, you can also check the local weather from the pull-down Notification Center. 

Weather 4


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