Personalized Text Message Alert Tones…

In my last post, I showed you how to create a custom vibration pattern and assign it to someone in your Contact list so you can identify who’s calling when your iPhone is set on vibrate. You can also personalize the Text Message Alert Tone on a person by person basis.


1. Choose someone from your iPhone’s Contact list.

2. Press the Edit button. Scroll down till you see the “text tone” option. The “text tone” option won’t be visible before you press the Edit button unless you’ve previously assigned a tone to this user.

Text Alert 1

3. Press the text tone option. This will open up to a screen with the list of Alert Tones and Ring Tones. Tri-tone is selected by default. Scroll through the list and pick the tone you wish to assign to this person.

4. Press the Save button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then press the Done button.

Text Alert 2

The next time this person sends you a text message, you’ll hear the newly selected tone instead of the default tone. If this person is particularly annoying, you can set their Alert Tone to “none”. I’m just saying…


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