Create Personalized iPhone Vibration Patterns

Do you use custom ring tones to identify who’s calling? Did you know you can create personalized vibration patterns and assign them to your friends? This allows you to identify who’s calling when your phone is set to stun. (Vibrate, using Apple’s vernacular.) The process is simple:

1. Enable Custom Vibrations from within the iPhone Settings app. Navigate to General > Accessibility, then scroll down till you see the “Custom Vibrations” setting. Turn it on.

Vibrations 1

2. Within the Settings app, navigate to Sounds > Vibration. Scroll to the bottom of the screen where you’ll find the “Create New Vibration” option.

3. Tap “Create New Vibration”.

4. Create a new vibration pattern by tapping on the grey area of the screen. When you’re finished, press the Stop button. Test the pattern by pressing the Play button. If you don’t like it, press the Record button to do it again. Experiment! Go crazy!!

Vibration 3

5. To save the pattern, press the Save button and assign it a meaningful name.

Vibration 4

6. You can make the new pattern the default vibration pattern by tapping on it. The “√”  symbol indicates which vibration is the default. Or…

7. …assign the custom vibration to one or more of your friends or family members. Select someone from your phone Contacts and hit the Edit button. Scroll down till you see the box with ringtone and vibration options. (The vibration option isn’t visible until you hit the Edit button. Tap on the vibration option and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Tap on the new vibration pattern to assign it to this contact. Then tap Done on the upper right corner of the screen.

Vibration 5

Set your iPhone to stun and wait for the phone to ring!


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