Removing iCloud Music from an IOS Device

With iTunes Match, my 75 gigabyte music collection is available on my 16 GB iPhone (and other iTunes devices) anytime, anywhere I have a WiFi or 3G/4G data connection. This means that when I head up skiing, I don’t have to pre-think about what music I might want to listen to. I hop on the chairlift and hit “play” on my iPhone and whatever I want to listen to from my collection of 7000+ songs comes zipping down from the cloud.

But how do I delete this music from my IOS device if I want to make room for different music or apps?

1. Go to the Settings app.

2. Select “General”.

3. Select “Usage”.

After several seconds, you’ll see a list of apps and the amount of disk space each consumes. At the top, or very close to it will be Music. In this example, my iPhone contains 3.8 GB of music.

4. Select “Music.

5. Swipe your finger, from right to left, over “All Music”.

This will reveal a “Delete” button.

6. Select “Delete”.

This will remove all music from my IOS device. Rest assured, the original songs are still safely resting in my iTunes Match account.


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